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Weekly Menu Sept 24

24 Sep

I’ve been reading a lot of vegan cookbooks lately and it seems like the right time to try out some brand new recipes.

  • Baked Eggplant Parmesan with Bulgar & Pine Nuts
  • Scarlet Barley with Mushroom Cannelini
  • Chili Mac
  • Taste of India: Dal, Saag, and Tikka Masala
  • Kasha & Shells with Brussel Sprouts & Kugel
  • Creamy Broccoli Soup w/ Maple Glazed Root Vegetables and Rice Pilaf

Creamy Brocolli Soup

Baked Eggplant Parmesan


Weekly Menu Sept 17

17 Sep

This weeks menu was inspired by the produce I brought home from my CSA pickup.

  • Three Bean Chili w/ Cornbread
  • Black Bean Burgers w/ Mustard Glazed Potatoes & Green Beans
  • Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips
  • Cabbage Rolls & Pierogies
  • Enchiladas
  • Chocolate Zucchini Bread
  • Tabbouleh
  • Tomato Salad

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Tomato Salad


Three Bean Chili & Cornbread

Black Bean & Sweet Potato Enchiladas

Weekly Menu Sept 10

10 Sep

This weeks menu is inspired by the produce available at my CSA.

  • Panzanella (Tomato & Bread Salad)
  • Quinoa Puttanesca
  • French Onion Toast
  • Garlicky Kale with Mushrooms and Kasha

Garlicky Kale with Mushrooms & Kasha

Happy Herbivore

5 Sep

I recently became acquainted with Happy Herbivore and would recommend her website to anyone looking to incorporate more plants into their diet. Unfortunately they do not have her books at the library so I can’t weigh in on them, but I can tell you that every recipe I’ve made from Lindsay Nixon’s website has been amazing! Her Apple Crisp Muffins are to die for and if you love gravy you must try her Brown Gravy.  What I like most about the Happy Herbivore is just how positive she is, but don’t take my word for it, check out Happy Herbivore for yourself.

Post Punk Kitchen

4 Sep

Are you familiar with Isa Chandra Moskowitz? If not, get familiar… she is a culinary genius. Not only is she a wonderful cook but she bakes too – all without the use of animal products.  Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or just looking for new plant-based recipes, you must check out her books and website. You can find her online at Post Punk Kitchen or pick-up one (or all of her books) which include Vegan Pie In The Sky, Appetite For Reduction, Veganomicon, Vegan With A Vengeance, Vegan Brunch, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, and Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.

Trust me, anything you make by Isa you will fall in love with. Her recipes are just that good!

Engine 2 Diet

3 Sep

After reading The Engine 2 Diet: The Texas Firefighter’s 28-Day Save-Your-Life Plan that Lowers Cholesterol and Burns Away the Pounds by Rip Esselstyn I knew I needed to commit to a plant-based diet. This was the third book that I had read that promoted veganism and it really spoke to me. It was amazing to hear the scientific evidence that proves individuals can lead a longer and healthier life by eliminating animal products form their diet. The book is both easy to read and convincing. It provides  an easy 28 day plan and recipes, making it easy for anyone to follow.

Crazy Sexy Diet

2 Sep

A friend of mine recommended I read Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It! by Kris Carr. What an inspiration! The author shares her story about being diagnosed with cancer at a young age and how she took control of her diet and attitude in order to save her life. The resulting book encourages readers to eat foods that promote health and advice on how you can change your body from one in which illness and disease thrive to one where health and vitality flourish. I have recommended this book to people who have been battling illnesses and/or have found themselves in doctors offices time and time again trying to identify what ails them.

I hope that my friends are not intimidated by the fact that I choose not to eat meat. Like other books I’ve read that promote a plant-based diet, I was eating meat at the time that I read this book. I found several tips in the book that I was able to incorporate into my daily routine and the benefits were wonderful.

It’s important to remember that everyone is different, do not get discouraged if one plan does not work for you. Become well read in topics of interest so you can mix and match to customize a plan that is best for you.  As a way to reshape my body I found it necessary to become better versed in the topic of nutrition, which resulted in adopting a diet that is free of meat an is comprised 90% of plant-based foods.