Anti-Vegan Thoughts With The Pennsylvania Dutch

30 Dec

Several weeks ago I made Tempeh Reubens. It was my first time making tempeh and to be honest, I wish it was different. I’ve eaten tempeh a couple of times before in a sandwich that was so delicious and complex, but I had no idea what tempeh looked like or tasted like until I purchased my very own package.  For those of you who are not in the know – it looks gross, period.

But not all was lost with the Tempeh Reubens, I made homemade Thousand Island dressing which was amazing and learned a valuable lesson – only make half of a recipe that you are trying for the first time because if the recipe sucks or the food is yucky and you do not want to be wasteful you  are stuck looking at leftovers in the fridge until they spoil. No bueno.

Believing that you must try something new at least three times before writing it off forever I decided to give tempeh another chance.

This time I used a Tempeh Bourguignon recipe as my inspiration

Several thoughts entered my mind:

  • This looks disgusting
  • Why didn’t I half the amount of tempeh and double the amount of carrots
  • I wonder what it is supposed to look like

What It's Supposed To Look Like (photo courtesy of Vegetarian Time)

  • Mine doesn’t look like that
  • What should I serve it with?
  • What do they serve beef bourguignon with? Answer: on it’s own, with rice, with mashed potatoes.
  • Jordan hates rice and we’ve been eating too many mashed potatoes


I wonder if we have any egg noodles.

HALLELUJAH!!! We have (Pennsylvania Dutch Homestyle) egg noodles. Now at least if the bourguignon sucks we can have noodles, I love noodles.

Now if only someone could invent eggless egg noodles.

Special Note To Jordan: Tempeh soaked in red wine looks like sausage, mull over that while you figure out how to make vegan pepperoni without the use of beets. Actually, you could boil beets and use the water to soak the beet color into the tempeh. Brilliant!


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