28 Days

30 Jan

My boyfriend is coming to Rhode Island!

Please meet Rip Esselstyn – firefighter, triathlete, and author of The Engine 2 Diet.

Handsome, right?

As it turns out Rip and Whole Foods are BFFs – as a result, the Rhode Island Whole Foods are sponsoring an Engine 2 Challenge where individuals will commit to the Engine 2 Diet for 28 days. The Engine 2 Diet book encourages individuals to transition to a whole foods, plant-based diet (based on scientific evidence) in order to reduce/reverse common medical conditions such as high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes.

Individuals who take the challenge will get to meet Rip at the end of  28 days!

If you have perused my blog you know that The Engine 2 Diet book is what helped me commit to transitioning to a diet free of animal products. I was able to transition into vegetarianism very easily with no slip ups, however, veganism has been more difficult for three reasons

Dunkin Donuts - Egg & Cheese Sandwich


Pizza Hut - Stuffed Crust Pizza


 My hope is that by participating in this challenge I can ditch the cheese and eggs for good…. and get Rip to autograph my Engine 2 book 😉

Last week Whole Foods held an introductory session which answered the questions WHAT IN THE WORLD IS E2? and WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS?                                                         

* the answers to these questions below comes courtesy of Whole Foods

Engine 2 is a plan of action for following – and sticking to – a heart-healthy, mind-healthy, body-healthy and taste-bud tempting PlantStrong lifestyle, created by (my boyfriend) Rip Esselstyn.
Individuals following Engine 2 adopt a whole food, nutrient-dense, PlantStrong way of eating and experience a vast variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. In addition to its cardiovascular benefits, Engine 2 can control glucose levels, reduce cholesterol, help maintain normal weight, and increase overall energy and well-being. 
  • Week One: No dairy, refined sugar or processed foods
  • Week Two: no meat, chicken, eggs, or fish while you continue no dairy, refined sugar or processed foods
  • Week Three: no extracted oils. You’re now a firefighter!
  • Week Four: keep up another week of this PlantStrong Diet!


  • Week One: Jump right in to the 100% plant-based way of life and enjoy healthy whole grains, fruits, legumes, vegetables and beans.

    E2 Mealtoaf & Mashed Potatoes

Doesn’t that look good? I found this picture on the Engine 2 facebook page.

Clearly this diet/challenge is not about deprivation, it’s about eating to live rather than living to eat, it’s about living with the healthiest body possible, and for me it’s about breaking up with cheese and eggs.

Throughout the 28 days (which begins February 1st) I will be sure to share updates about my experience and will post some interesting tidbits contained in The Engine 2 Diet.

I hope that you’ll consider joining me in this challenge. In the meantime…

~ Healthy & Happy Eating




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