One Step Closer To The Circus

26 Mar

In case you didn’t know, my dream job is to be a circus performer with Cirque du Soleil!

I would like to be a tumbler

or an acrobatic gymnast

a contortionists

or a dynamic rope skipper (legitimately an available Cirque position)

a clown

or even an ariel performer.

A few years ago I met my husband’s cousin and her soon to be husband, we discovered a mutual love for all things Cirque.

We would often talk about the desire to be in the circus and then one day I heard that there was circus camp in Canada!!!!

Oh my goodness!!!!

Get me there immediately!!!!

Soon I found out that “camp” was just for Cirque employees, like training camp for baseball 😦

This came on the heels of finding out there was a Trapeze school in Boston only after I moved to Tampa.

Clearly I fell into a deep depression that I am just starting to come out of. All I’ve ever wanted (during my adult life) was to be in the circus.

Well, last night I got a taste of the circus life at Raffa Yoga

I took the Antigravity Yoga class and it was seriously one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

I was a competitive gymnast for 13 years and I really miss tossing my body through the air and swinging off bars. The strength and flexibility that gymnastics offered me is something that I try to reclaim every day when I work out. Even as an adult you can find me doing cartwheels in parks or handstands in my living room. I seriously miss it and wish that they offered adult gymnastics classes so I could get some of those skills that were always out of reach.

I think twisting around upside down in a hammock is probably the closed I will ever come to being a gymnast again.

But reclaiming my youth is only part of what made this experience some great!

I really enjoyed the core workout the class afforded me as well as the opportunity to really stretch my back and hip flexors in ways that can only be achieved when you can be airborne. Although the program is called Antigravity it’s the effects that gravity has on your body when you are in mid-air that really helped me stretch.

For over a year I’ve been dealing with back pain that landed me in physical therapy for 7 months and counting. Although my originating issue was with my lower back, the muscles in my upper back have been working overtime and it’s been impossible to loosen them and feel any kind of relief…. until now. For the first time in a long time by upper back feels 90% limber. Not only that by my hips don’t feel tight today and my lower back, although tight (which is normal for me) is not causing me any pain, which is really amazing! I am certain that being able to hang upside down is the reason for my back feeling so great!

In addition to my back trouble I have also been struggling with chronic fatigue. I am always tired yet I can fall asleep at night (although it’s not very restful) and nap throughout the day.  Even when I’m on vacation I never really feel rejuvenated.

However, after I finished Antigravity Yoga last night I felt AWAKE for the first time in a long time. I can’t even describe the feeling, I was alert and spirited, I felt like I could clean my house top bottom then run a 5K. It truly was amazing.

Fortunately I was able to go to sleep at bed time and believe it or not I slept soundly through the entire night. I haven’t had such restorative sleep since around this time last year.

Although I have a background in gymnastics I  really liked that this class is designed to be accessible to all ages and fitness levels. The instructor encourages you to work within your own strengths and limitations which allows individuals to modify the level of challenge to meet their needs.

Just in case you don’t belive me I will let you know that my husband who has suffered from back pain and tight hamstrings was able to get into every position! Way to go  🙂

All in all this was one of the BEST experiences of my life. I have already signed up to take this class two more times!

If this interests you be sure to check out this link which will give you even more information about Antigravity Yoga and all of its benefits

~ Happy & Healthy Eating Stretching

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Antigravity Yoga photos courtesy of unless otherwise noted


2 Responses to “One Step Closer To The Circus”

  1. CBZ March 26, 2012 at 8:58 PM #

    Sounds like I should try it.

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