Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

19 May

So I basically dropped off the blog-sphere about a month ago, you may have wondered where I’ve been.  Well the fact is that I hit a rut… it’s been bad.

I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue after several months of not feeling like myself. While I should have been happy that there was a reason I was feeling so run down and unable to reach my fitness goals I fell into a dark place full of self-loathing, self-pity, and a serious lack of motivation. To top it all off, I hadn’t found a new fitness routine since I stopped attending Boot Camp. Although 4:30am is an ugly time to wake up every morning I loved sweating with my friends and having time to myself during the commute.

Since my last post I passed my Certified Personal Trainer test and started working out with CrossFit. I should be feeling accomplished and on top of the world but instead I am feeling weak. A personal trainer should eat right, exercise regularly, and be a role model to individuals interested in fitness…. I certainly have fallen off the wagon in that regard. As for CrossFit, I thought I would walk in there and impress the pants off the coaches, in reality, I cannot keep up.

What’s a girl to do? I certainly do not want to spiral out of control… I want my life back, I want to increase my strength and continue on the path of consistent healthy eating.

So I plan to utilize Wheatgrass and Sassafras as a venue to hold myself accountable and hopefully inspire my followers to get back on track if they have fallen off the wagon. I will continue with my current fitness routine (Power Yoga 2x week and CrossFit 2x week) and for the next week I will post a photo of every meal I eat. My hope is that by putting my meals out there I will more likely be able to eat only healthy meals and get back on track once and for all.

So that’s it… stay tuned and I will start posting my meals tomorrow 🙂

I’m interested to hear from you, what do you do when you fall off the wagon and how do you keep yourself on track?

Remember, it’s about progress not perfection!

~Happy & Healthy Eating


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